Monday, March 7, 2011

Everything Happens for a Rea$on

Over the weekend I was at the mall and didn't find a parking spot by my usual entrance so I parked by JC Penney entrance to get into the mall. Now when I think of JCPenney, I think about a store that's for my grandma and her friends. But as soon as I walked in, this great cream and grey striped cardigan catches my eye and it was on sale! Turns out that Charlotte Ronson's line for JCPenney, I ♥ Ronson, was on sale for 30-50% off. Charlotte Ronson's designer looks have been seen on celebrities like Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, and Gwen Stefani. So I was really happy to find fashion pieces designed by her at a budget-friendly price. I ended up getting a cargo skinny for $19.99! and a black sweater with a lace back for $24.99!

I ♥ Ronson Grey Cardigan - $24.99

I ♥ Ronson Dress - $34.99

I ♥ Ronson Lace Back Sweater - $24.99

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