Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking for a new perfume?

Every once and a while I get bored of my same perfumes I have sitting around on my dresser and start looking for an inexpensive new line of perfume and lotions.  Bath and Body Works fragrance line, Twilight Woods is inexpensive and has a unique fabulous scent!  When testing perfumes and fragrances they all usually start blending together for me and I walk out of the store feeling like I just walked through a garden.  Twilight Woods is unique in that it doesn't have that same floral scent alot of other fragrances do!  - its distinguishable!  What's great about the Twilight Woods line is that it includes everything from lotions to perfume to bath gel to candles!!  The perfume is on sale now for only *$14.50*  I highly recommend it if your shopping for a new scent!

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